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Quif Magi:Colour £99 Try Me Intro

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Magi:colour by Quif sets the tone for a new era in professional hair colour. Infused with Rice Protein, Monoï and Bilberry Fruit Extract for unimaginable colour vibrancy, condition and shine.

Dual system permanent + quasi colour in one, featuring 117 shades; 107 of which can be used as quasi/demi-permanent.

Magi:colour is kind to your hair and the environment, thanks to a cruelty free, vegan formula and recyclable packaging.


MC5 Magi:Colour 5:0 Light Brown
MC6 Magi:Colour 6:0 Dark Blonde
MC6.00 Magi:Colour 6:00 Intense Dark Blonde
MC66.66 Magi:Colour 66:66 Dark Intense Red Blonde
MC7 Magi:Colour 7:0 Medium Blonde
MC7.00 Magi:Colour 7:00 Intense Medium Blonde
MC7.34 Magi:Colour 7:34 Medium Maple Blonde
MC7.35 Magi:Colour 7:35 Medium Golden Mahogony Blonde
MC7.4 Magi:Colour 7:4 Medium Copper Blonde
MC7.73 Magi:Colour 7:73 Medium Mocha Blonde
MC8 Magi:Colour 8:0 Light Blonde
MC8.00 Magi:Colour 8:00 Intense Light Blonde
MC8.3 Magi:Colour 8:3 Light Golden Blonde
MC8.34 Magi:Colour 8:34 Light Maple Blonde
MC9 Magi:Colour 9:0 Very Light Blonde
MC9.2 Magi:Colour 9:2 Very Light Violet Blonde
MC10 Magi:Colour 10:0 Extra Light Blonde
MC10.1 Magi:Colour10:1 Extra Light Ash Blonde
MC12 Magi:Colour 12:0 Ultra Light Natural Blonde
MC12.1 Magi:Colour 12:1 Ultra Light Ash Blonde
MC12.2 Magi:Colour 12:2 Ultra LIght Violet Blonde
MC12.8 Magi:Colour 12:8 Ultra LIght Platinum Blonde
MCT.01 Magi:Colour T:01 Silver Toner
MCT.02 Magi:Colour T:02 Violet Toner
MCT.28 Magi:Colour T:28 Silver Lilac
Magi:Fuel 10 Vol
Magi:Fuel 20 Vol
Magi:Fuel 30 Vol
Magi:Fuel 40 Vol
Demi:Fuel 5 Vol
Quif Blast White Bleach 500g
Quif Blast White Creme Lightener 250g
Magi:Colour Shade Guide

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