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+maskology Photon LED Light Therapy Mask

Code: 54446
Are you a hair, beauty or barbering professional? Or currently in training to be one?

For exclusive access to our extensive range of hair, beauty and barbering products at wholesale prices online and in-store, you need an Alan Howard trade card. Getting your exclusive trade card is free and simple, you just need to prove to us that you're in the trade.

For professional applications, please upload a copy of one of the following documents:
  • Level 2 or above (NVQ or equivalent) hair, beauty or barbering qualification certificate
  • Public liability insurance certificate for your hair, beauty or barbering business
  • Current business cheque book
For student applications all of the below documents are required:
  • A valid college card
  • A course enrolment letter or receipt

Product Details

Photon LED mask

Elevate your skincare treatments with the +maskology® photon LED mask.
5 in 1 photon LED light technology introduces your clients to a whole new facial experience, providing a time saving, one-step therapy.
Harnessing photon LED therapy technology and near infra red light therapy, the Photon LED treatment mask gives you the ability to provide your clients with 5 different skin treatments using just one tool to target acne, anti-ageing, pore refinement, skin brightening and clearer skin.
Using 108 light beds and 5 LED light therapy colours to deliver high density, high intensity energy to the skin, the +maskology photon LED mask is safe, non-invasive and ensures chemical free, painless skin treatments.

Created using soft, skin-friendly silicone material, the LED therapy mask delivers a comfortable experience with adjustable head straps for a snug fit and a built-in timer for ease and convenience. Portable and lightweight it is ideal for use in your salon or spa and with a travel pouch included, it is also perfect for mobile therapists.
Easily customised to accompany your favourite skin care brands for added skin benefits, it best complements cica + niacinamide and retinol formulas.


Available treatment modes:


  • Red LED light therapy – anti-ageing benefits for youthful looking skin
  • Blue LED light therapy – targets acne and blemishes for clearer skin
  • Yellow LED light therapy – brightens and smoothes the complexion
  • Near infrared light therapy – pore refinement
  • Purple (Red and blue) LED light therapy – clearer skin

Cost effective


This clever tool is a great way to maximise salon treatment time, whilst also ensuring a fantastic return on your investment. LED facial treatments are averagely priced between £30-£60 and +maskology recommend 2 treatments per client, per week for the best results. So, if your business averages 10 treatments per week, you could see a return of up to £2,400 in revenue, per month.


The science


LED light therapy works by activating the cells below the skin’s surface using specific wavelengths to condition the skin. As the light enters, it is converted to intracellular energy, which stimulates a photochemical reaction to promote glycogen and protein production. This enhances cell metabolism and collagen renewal, resulting in anti-ageing, acne control and skin brightening benefits.


What type of light does it use?


Red LED light therapy – to target anti-ageing
Promotes youthful, radiant skin by stimulating collagen production and cell renewal by improving tissue oxygenation to deeply rejuvenate, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Optimal treatment time: 3 x week, 10 mins per session
Complimenting formulas: vitamin C, retinol


Blue LED light therapy – to target acne
Helps improve the appearance of existing blemishes, while minimising future breakouts.

Optimal treatment time: 2 x week, 20 mins per session


Yellow LED light therapy – to target skin brightening
Helps improve the function of oxygen in skin cells, by improving microcirculation to decompose and dilute pigment, promoting cell regeneration and thus smoother and brighter skin tone.

Optimal treatment time: 3 x week, 20 mins per session
Complimenting formulas: vitamin C, hyaluronic acid


Near infrared LED light therapy – to target pore refinement
Helps the skin increase collagen production to accelerate skin metabolism, resulting in brighter skin tone at the same time as reducing pore size. The use of optimal LED light wavelengths has positive anti-ageing effects by increasing cell renewal and stimulating the production of collagen, for skin that looks and feels healthy.

NB: Infrared Light is not visible to the naked eye so you will see no obvious bright light, however you may be able to see a slight red glow from the light beads.

Optimal treatment time: 3 x week, 10 mins per session
Complimenting formulas: squalane, vitamin C


Purple LED light therapy (red & blue) – to target both anti-ageing and acne
This combination of red and blue light works to help against free radicals, to help reduce inflammation and help improve blood circulation, as well as helping target acne and blemishes.

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