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Allergy Alert Testing

Your responsibility

The safety of you and your clients is your priority & responsibility.

Check your Insurance Policy. If there are any differences between your policy and our AAT policy please contact your insurance provider to confirm your position in regards to Allergy Alert Testing.

Step one

Carry out a professional consultation, including the Allergy Alert Test Screening Questionnaire to determine whether you can use colour on your client’s hair and if you need to carry out an Allergy Alert Test beforehand.

If a skin allergy test is required please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step two

Read the product leaflet and follow the instructions before carrying out an Allergy Alert Test or your colour application and ensure you wear the appropriate PPE.

Step three

Take your client through the Allergy Alert Test Screening Questionnaire prior to every colour application as part of your consultation and follow the outcomes.

Keep a record for 3 years (or as directed by your insurance provider)

Professional Consultation

Screening questions recommended to ask before carrying out a Allergy Alert Test:

Alergy alert test process info graphic

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to carry out an Allergy Alert Test?

People can have allergic reactions to hair colourants and even if your client has had their hair coloured previously, allergies may develop over time.

When should I carry out an Allergy Alert Test?

You should always go through a thorough consultation including the AAT Screening Questionnaire. If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ then you should always carry out an Allergy Alert Test.

What colour should I use to carry out an Allergy Alert Test?

You should ideally carry out your AAT using the required colour following your consultation. If you are not sure of the shade you will be using or you are applying multiple shades, then you should choose the darkest shade from the range, level 2-3.

What should I do if my client has an allergic reaction to the Allergy Alert Test?

Explain to your client that you cannot colour their hair and they should seek medical advice from their doctor.

Why does it make a difference if my client has had a skin tattoo, semi permanent makeup or had a reaction to a henna tattoo?

Certain substances found in permanent or semi-permanent skin tattoos may themselves cause an allergic reaction. Even if your client didn’t have a reaction, allergies can develop over time so you should still perform an Allergy Alert Test before applying a hair colorant.

Why do I need to wait 48 hours after applying a skin test?

Your client may not react immediately and it can take upto 48 hours for a reaction to develop.

Why do I need to check with my insurance provider?

Insurance policies vary and you need to make sure that your insurance offers you the required protection. If the wording is unclear then you’ll need to clarify this with them. If your policy does not give you your required protection then you need to change your policy or your insurance provider. If in doubt, always follow your insurance’s guidance.

The manufacturer’s instructions say that I must always carry out an Allergy Alert Test 48 hours before every colour but this isn’t alway convenient?

The safety of your clients must always remain your priority however most manufacturers adopt their own protocol as an alternative procedure of doing things whilst still prioritising the safety of your clients. This usually includes a screening questionnaire similar to ours which you should include as part of your salon’s own “Colour Responsibly Policy”.

By adopting this protocol into your policy, this is an alternative and more convenient way of being able to reapply the same colour to your client whilst still prioritising their safety. Share your salon’s “Colour responsibly Policy” with your insurer and ensure that your insurance policy offers you the protection you require.

Do I need to keep a record that I have carried out Allergy Alert Tests?

Yes. Should you ever have a claim raised against you, you need to show that you have carried out due diligence and acted with a duty of care. We recommend keeping the documentation for at least 3 years, however again, follow your insurance policy.

What information do I need to keep on my client’s record card?

  • Client’s name
  • Condition of the scalp
  • Date of Allergy Alert Test
  • Result of Allergy Alert Test
  • Shade applied and developer
  • Date of last colour application
  • Record card/Allergy Alert Screening Questionnaire should be signed by the hairdresser and the client

What if I am unsure as to whether I need to carry out an Allergy Alert Test?

If you are unsure or have any reservations then you should alway carry out an Allergy Alert Test.

What do I do if my client has a reaction, irritation or burning sensation during the colour application?

Rinse the hair immediately and cleanse with diluted shampoo. If the irritation persists then recommend that they seek medical advice from their doctor.

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