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+maskology Skin Analysis Device

Code: 54471
Are you a hair, beauty or barbering professional? Or currently in training to be one?

For exclusive access to our extensive range of hair, beauty and barbering products at wholesale prices online and in-store, you need an Alan Howard trade card. Getting your exclusive trade card is free and simple, you just need to prove to us that you're in the trade.

For professional applications, please upload a copy of one of the following documents:
  • Level 2 or above (NVQ or equivalent) hair, beauty or barbering qualification certificate
  • Public liability insurance certificate for your hair, beauty or barbering business
  • Current business cheque book
For student applications all of the below documents are required:
  • A valid college card
  • A course enrolment letter or receipt

Product Details

Introducing the +maskology Skin Analysis Device, a revolutionary pocket-sized device designed to empower beauty therapists and elevate the skincare offerings.

This innovative tool precisely measures the skin’s hydration and oil levels, allowing you to maximise the impact of your clients' skincare routines. Gain insights right from the source and provide tailored solutions for optimal skin condition. In just 3 seconds, this Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, trusted in both medical and beauty equipment, delivers instant readings of oil and hydration levels. Equip yourself with the knowledge to customise skincare formulas, addressing your clients' unique skin conditions and preventing potential dryness or dehydration.

Low in hydration? Opt for a formula that will not only hydrate the skin, but will also help to lock in moisture.

High oil reading? Choose a formula that balances the skin and regulates your oil levels to achieve a healthy complexion.

Promote your revenue growth by incorporating +maskology Skin Analysis Device into your services to enhance your treatments and upsell to your clients.

What's Included:

1 x +maskology Skin Analysis Device

1 x Analysis Guide (Credit Card size)

1 x User Manual 1 x AAA Battery Key Info Battery life: Approximately 1000 measurements

Product Care & Maintenance Follow battery care guide below:

Keep skin testing sensors clean and wipe after every use with a clean, dry tissue. Do not use alcohol or any liquids to clean any part of this device. Do not immerse the device in water. Do not use on any area of the skin where there is bleeding, wounds or broken skin. Battery Care Use AAA battery only. Place the battery into the unit as indicated by the instruction manual. Do NOT use rechargeable batteries as this will invalidate your warranty. If putting into storage long term or when in use for less than a week at a time then remove the battery completely from the device.

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