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The Haircut Trends Of 2024

Published date 11 April 2024

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Unlocking 2024's Must-have Haircuts

With 2024 well and underway, we have caught up with all the hair trend predictions set to be carried out to the end of the year. From different shapes and sizes, it's time to sharpen those scissors as we have noted an array of looks that you're going to want to get on board with. Let's explore the 2024 haircut trends, and get inspired ready for the new season. Let's explore the hottest styles of the year and find the perfect look for your clients.

Bombshell Bangs


Retro meets glam with the glamour queen vibe 'Bombshell Bangs', a trend that is set to dominate in 2024. These voluminous, face- framing bangs add instant drama and allure to any hairstyle. Whether paired with long, luscious layers for the perfect bombshell blowout, or adding volume to a sleeky bob, Bombshell Bangs are sure to make a statement and elevate a look to new heights of sophistication.

Old Money Bob


Inspired by the elegance of old Hollywood glamour, the 'Old Money Bob' exudes timeless sophistication. This chin-length haircut features soft, rounded edges, fullness and subtle layers, creating a luxurious look that's perfect for any occasion. With its effortless chic, the Old Money Bob is sure to become a staple in 2024.

Retro-inspired Pixie


Step back in time with a retro-inspired pixie haircut; a nod to vintage glamour but with a modern twist. This short yet sassy style features cropped lengths and soft, wispy layers, that create a playful and feminine look full of personality. We love this look with a tousled texture! The retro-inspired pixie is certainly the fun and flirty choice of the year.

Wispy Fringe

Embrace softness and subtlety with the wispy fringe; a delicate and feminine haircut making its way into 2024. These feather-light bangs frame the face in a flattering and elegant way, and adds a romantic and playful vibe that's perfect for a client who's looking to freshen up their usual hair game.

Butterfly Cut


The 'Butterfly Cut' is not going anywhere in 2024 and we couldn't be happier. Make a statement with the Butterfly Cut; a bold and unconventional haircut trend for clients who love the layers. This style features short, choppy layers at angular edges, creating a unique face-framing look. If your clients want to create the illusion of a fuller and healthier look without sacrificing the length, this is the cut to choose.

French Girl Chic


Capture the effortlessly chic allure of the French style-inspired Jane Birkin bangs, a trend inspired by the iconic French actress and singer. This cool-girl cut adds a touch of Parisian elegance to any haircut, creating a look that's both romantic and sophisticated perfect for clients with thicker hair. Achieve the 'French Girl' look with iconic swishy fringe to evoke that timeless and flirty charm.

Curly Pixie 


Embrace your natural curls with a curly pixie haircut, a trend that's all about embracing texture and movement in 2024. This daring cut allows for choppy texture so the hair can be styled to your clients liking. This effortlessly edgy look is definitely one we will be seeing a lot more of this year and one for those who are ready for a daring transformation.

Blunt Bob


For those who prefer a more modern and edgy aesthetic, the blunt bob is a must-have haircut in 2024. Sharp, precise lines give this classic style a modern twist, while its versatile length offers endless styling possibilities. With a reputation of being worn sleeky straight, by adding some tousled waves you'll add instant volume for a more chic everyday look.

With so many exciting haircut trends to choose from, 2024 will be the year of self-expression and style experimentation. Whether you're drawn to the glamour of bombshell bangs, the sophistication of the old money bob, or the playfulness of a curly pixie, there's a haircut for every personality and preference. Unlock your client's true style potential and embrace the latest trends that will give your clients all the confidence for 2024.



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