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Alan Howard Blog

08 July 2024

Hairdresser Scissor Care 101

​As a professional hairdresser, your scissors are one of your most valuable tools. High-quality haircuts require precision and sharpness that only well-maintained scissors can provide. Proper care of your hair scissors not only ensures the best performance but also extends their lifespan, allowing you to deliver consistent and exceptional results to your clients. In this guide, we'll cover the essential steps to maintain your hair scissors, signs that indicate they may need sharpening and the best ways to keep your scissors clean.
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02 July 2024

Trending Male Haircuts of 2024

Staying ahead of the trends is crucial when meeting your client's needs and with the men’s grooming industry being ever-evolving, 2024 has brought a classic blend, with contemporary twists, in men’s haircuts this year. Let’s jump into the trending male haircuts so far in 2024.
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04 July 2024

A Hairdresser’s Guide to Renting a Chair in Salons

Transitioning from being a salaried hairdresser to renting a chair in a salon is a significant step that many hair artists consider within their professional hairdressing journey. This shift offers numerous benefits and comes with a set of changes that can profoundly impact your professional life. We’re here to guide you through this transformative journey, helping you understand the advantages and prepare for the changes.
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01 July 2024

A deep dive into magi:gloss

Offering premium services that keep your clients coming back is essential when setting yourself apart within the industry. For the clients who shy away from highlights but are seeking more than a deep conditioning treatment, we have the perfect solution - Quif magi:gloss. This is a transformative glossing treatment designed to elevate the salon experience and keep your client's hair looking like a luxury.
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25 June 2024

The Trending Golden Hour Glow with Wella

Step Into the Golden Hour with Wella Color Gradience. Immerse yourself in this season’s hottest trend: Golden Hour Glow. Inspired by the beautiful gradients of tones of a stunning sunset, this technique blends a feeling of wellness with chic, on-trend colour results.
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24 June 2024

How To Achieve Chocolate Cinnamon Brunette

As summer arrives, your clients often desire a lighter look, and we’re not just talking about becoming a full-head blonde! Summer is the perfect time to introduce your darker clients to a warmer, lighter look by adding a subtle lift and tone to their locks, and fortunately, we have the perfect shade to do this. Introducing Chocolate Cinnamon Brunette: a rich, chocolatey hue with subtle hints of gold that infuse warmth and luxury into your client's hair. While it may not be your typical summer shade, it serves as an excellent transitional colour for clients who want a lighter look as well as being a perfect move towards autumn. Let’s dive into how you can add some spice to your client's hair with a touch of cinnamon this summer.
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