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Glitterbels Core Acrylic Powder 56g

Code: SUPER-59838
Are you a hair, beauty or barbering professional? Or currently in training to be one?

For exclusive access to our extensive range of hair, beauty and barbering products at wholesale prices online and in-store, you need an Alan Howard trade card. Getting your exclusive trade card is free and simple, you just need to prove to us that you're in the trade.

For professional applications, please upload a copy of one of the following documents:
  • Level 2 or above (NVQ or equivalent) hair, beauty or barbering qualification certificate
  • Public liability insurance certificate for your hair, beauty or barbering business
  • Current business cheque book
For student applications all of the below documents are required:
  • A valid college card
  • A course enrolment letter or receipt

Product Details

Glitterbels Core Acrylic Powder ensures flawless nails with every application. Its smooth consistency is ideal for creating seamless fades and blends. These core powders offer exceptional strength and compatibility with any monomer.

The core acrylic powders contribute to achieving a defined smile line or full cover nail look. They are highly pigmented and offer versatility and control during application, ensuring a smooth and consistent result every time.

Preparing the Nails:

Shape the nails using a nail file according to your desired shape. Push back the cuticles and trim as needed. Buff the nails with a buffer. Clean the nails with a cleanser or cleanser wipes. Allow a few minutes for the nails to dry.

Applying The Core Acrylic Powders:

Ensure there is no remaining nail or gel polish on the nails. If present, remove it with a remover and wait a few minutes. Buff away any shine from the nails. Apply primer to prevent lifting after application. Dip a brush into the monomer, removing any excess. Gently dip the brush tip into the surface of the powder. Start application away from the cuticles, moving towards the free edge of the nails. Spread and tap the nail using the body of the brush, dipping it back into the powder if necessary. Ensure smooth and even application to minimize filing time. Allow the acrylic to dry, indicated by a clicking sound when tapped with the brush end. Once dry, hand file the sides of the nail bed and use an e-file or buffer to smooth the top. Apply a topcoat polish over the acrylic nail to complete the process.

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