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A Deep Dive into Quif Trend:01 – Lone Wolf

Published date 07 July 2023

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Fun, quirky and most definitely a show stopper.

Introducing “Lone Wolf”, featured as part of the Quif Trend:01 collection from The Quif Art Team. This personalised cut, removes weight whilst adding tons of texture with stunning contrasting colour panels to complete the look. 

For Noor’s look, the Quif Art Team wanted to incorporate this ‘here-to-stay’, on-trend shag or wolf haircut as not many hairdressers know how to execute it. Because of this, the team wanted to break the cut down so simply with large sectioning patterns to navigate round the head and make it easier to follow. 

“We wanted to showcase illusions of depth and dimension within this haircut by adding accents of colour, in this case a golden type tone, but for a darker method, root shadows, root melts or colour glazing” says Quif Artist Lee Belcher.

“My favourite thing about this look is how edgy and on-trend it is. I think it takes a strong individual, like Noor, to pull this off. However with the colour, it’s quite tame as the cut’s quite strong. The work in unison together and amalgamates into a beautiful look” Lee adds.

But who is the ideal client for this look?

This look is perfect for inspiring those more eccentric clients that are more daring when it comes to change. Although, this look can be simplified down into larger sections which means less texture and movement you’re going to create for a more tamer look.

Artist top tip: when it comes to colour, less is more. Don’t take away from the strong haircut just let the base colour work as the contrast with smaller lighter accents.

Keep an eye out on the blog over the next few weeks for more deep dives into each look in the Quif Trend:01 collection!


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