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A Deep Dive into Quif Trend:01 – Rose Quartz

Published date 20 July 2023

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Boost the feeling of self-love with this stunning rose quartz inspired look that will help your client to feel their best self.

‘Rose Quartz’, featured as part of the Quif Trend:01 collection from The Quif Art Team, celebrates the perfect combination of Quif Blast colours to achieve the fun, playful colour that you and your client desire.

“We chose to include this look in the collection to really push the boundaries of anything we’ve done before,” Sarah Dickenson from the Quif Art Team explains. “I think we can all agree that blondes usually tend to play it safe when coming into salon so we want to encourage those clients to go for something different that’s not going to last forever.”

Quif Blast colours usually last between 5-6 days, depending on how many times the hair is washed, but won’t last until the client’s next appointment. However, they don’t just get the colour they leave with, they get a unique colour with every wash. “That’s the beauty of using Quif Blast, keeping up with fast fashion particularly around festival and holiday season” Sarah adds. 

Moreover, this look celebrates the differences and uniqueness of the Quif brand, allowing the creativity of the hairdresser but also for expressing personality through hair.

“There are subtle techniques in this look that you wouldn’t necessarily notice in the images. We’ve got a deeper band through the recess on the head, around the point where the head bends and there’s a reshape through to the back of the head to give difference through the curls, not just a block colour.” Sarah explains. “The problem with block colours is that people can go and recreate this at home with a cheap crazy colour but by putting a simple technique in there, it creates salon loyalty.”

“My favourite thing about this look is the fun, funky vibe it brings to the collection. It’s not something that every salon will do everyday but it encourages your blonde clients to mix their style up for a short period of time and I love the versatility of being able to do that with Quif blast!” Sarah finishes with.

But who is the ideal client for this look?

Someone who wants a cheer-me-up over the weekend, is heading to a festival or loves changing up their colour.

Artist top tip: If your client wants this colour to last, encourage them to invest in a good dry shampoo like this one from Shed, as the colour will change and fade with each wash.


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