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Cowboy Copper: *The* colour of the season

Published date 24 October 2023

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Last year we saw the rise of copper hair trending all over social media, with big celebrity names also hopping onto the copper craze. This year, copper is here to stay, but with a twist. This new and improved autumnal shade is a great opportunity for clients looking to spice up their look and instead, take on a wild-west romantic vibe. This is ‘Cowboy Copper’.

IG: @BixieColour

So what’s the difference between Copper and Cowboy Copper? Claire Severn, Quif Research & Development Manager says, “Copper hair is usually vibrant and fiery, and typically has a lot of orange undertones. Cowboy Copper is more subtle and subdued thanks to the brown and caramel hues which knock down the intensity.” If you’re looking to add some spice to your hair this autumn, Cowboy Copper is for you.

Achieve the perfect ‘Cowboy Copper’ with magi:gloss

Have some fun and re-create this gorgeous Cowboy Copper with your clients this autumn using our fabulous magi:gloss demi-permanent colour. Our magi:gloss simply tones without the ammonia, and contains avocado oil and jojoba seed oil to smooth and hydrate hair for a glossy result. This is a great non-damaging way for clients to try out the trend, and experiment with being a redhead this autumn, without the commitment. Let’s try it.

If you’re working with a high-lift client (like me in the photos), you’re guaranteed a bold and vibrant transformation. So, how can you achieve Cowboy Copper with magi:gloss? Claire adds, “There are so many cool and warm tones on multiple depths that can be intermixed to produce that perfect Cowboy Copper tone for your client,”.

How to get the look

As a blonde, this is what we used to achieve the perfect Cowboy Copper:

  • 40ml of 7N (7:0)
  • 40ml of 7NC (7:04)
  • 120ml of magi:gloss Gloss Activator
  • These are mixed with a 1:1.5 ratio, as a little goes a long way!

    Once the head was covered, the gloss was left to develop for 20 minutes before rinsing at the backwash, using our [wa]shed Vivid Bloom shampoo and conditioner. After a quick blow-dry, here are the finished results!

    From a lived-in golden blonde to a gorgeous Cowboy Copper, this quick transformation is sure to make heads turn. And let’s not forget the incredible shine our magi:gloss delivers! Take a wild ride this autumn with Cowboy Copper.

    Top tip: To maintain the hair using magi:gloss, Claire suggests using a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner, such as our Vivid Bloom from [wa]shed. Also, it’s essential to use a heat protectant, as this protects both the hair and colour pigment from heat. We recommend our Shed force-field spray.



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