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Hair Colour Trends in 2024

Published date 31 January 2024

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Get to know the hair colour trends for 2024

With a new year comes new trends, and we have been dying to see what hair colours will be on the roster for the year ahead. While some familiar shades will remain this year (looking at you, copper), we'll be taking it back to Y2K as well as taking a look at the much anticipated 'colour of the year'. Keep scrolling to stay up to date with all the trending hair colours that your clients will be eager to try. 

Honey Butter Blonde


Kicking off our list with the deliciously inviting and warm Honey Butter Blonde. Combining the sweetness of honey and the richness of butter, this colour results in a luminous golden blonde that radiates sunshine. Perfect for those who crave a natural yet radiant transformation, Honey Butter Blonde will give you the glow you may need this winter.

Cherry Cola Red


Y2K hair is making a comeback and bringing the colour red with it. Named 'Cherry Cola Red', this sultry shade is making a grand entrance into 2024, and if you're looking to make a bold statement this year, cherry red is the colour for you. With a blend of deep red and purple undertones, this colour brings confidence and vibrancy to your everyday look.

Expensive Blonde


Step into the world of luxury with 2024's new 'it' girl hair colour - expensive blonde. Blended seamlessly with the natural root and woven into multi-dimensional lowlights, this blonde creation gives an effortless yet sophisticated look. This rich-looking hair colour is definietly on the cards for 2024.

Peach Fuzz - Pantone Colour of the Year


With Peach Fuzz being Pantone's colour of the year, hair colourists will be jumping at the chance to create this gorgeous look. Pantone describes this shade as a warm embrace; it brings cosiness yet modern elegance through its golden hues to create the fuzzy peach tone. Seamlessly blending peachy tones with subtle hints of apricot and rose gold, this will leave a mesmerising effect on the hair. Peach Fuzz will be taking centre stage this year, and we can't wait to see the creations. 

Ribbon Lights


Ribbon lights have made an entrance and are taking traditional highlighting up a level. This trend involves weaving delicate strands of colours throughout the hair to create dimension and depth. The ribbon-like highlights add subtle movement and texture to the hair, without the drama! If you're not willing to commit to a full head of highlights, ribbon lights are the perfect way to change up your look.

Golden Copper


Copper isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and instead, we're stepping aside for its sister shade - Golden Copper. Combining the warmth of gold and the richness of copper, golden copper will be the perfect summer shade for its vibrancy and glow that it brings to the hair. This colour is perfect for those seeking a bold yet harmonious look that effortlessly captures the essence of glam as well as embracing a natural beauty.

Expensive Brunette


We're not stopping at blonde when it comes to looking expensive! For our brunette lovers, we're talking vibrant brunette tones that give a luxurious and expensive energy. The key element to achieving an expensive brunette is the high-shine, glossy finish, which pairs perfectly with the richness of the brown hues. Ironically, this low-maintenance shade will not break the bank so expensive brunette may be the perfect colour of choice.  



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