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Hair Meche VS Hair Foils

Published date 08 February 2024

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Team Meche or Team Foils?

As a professional hairdresser, you have your go-to colouring technique that you usually stick with, as it delivers the best results. And this probably includes your preferred choice of foils!

But why not try something different? Meche is a great alternative to using hair foils that many colourists have yet to try. If you want to find out the ins and out of hair meche and foils when colouring, keep scrolling to see what is best suited for you.


What is Hair Meche?

Meche is a fabulous alternative to traditional aluminium foils and is designed to ease the process of highlighting. Made from a combination of polyester and aluminium, meche foils offer a unique advantage - they allow you to see the colour development in real time. Gaining this precise control when bleaching or colouring your clients hair ensures the desired result is achieved, cutting out the guesswork.

Why we love Hair Meche

  • Visibility

The transparency of meche foils provides stylists with a clear view of the sections of hair that are being treated. This makes monitoring colour development and placement accuracy a whole lot easier!

  • Controlled Processing

With meche foils allowing visibility, this allows the stylist to have more control over the processing time. This is super handy when wanting to achieve subtle gradients and avoid over-processing. 

  • Easy Removal 

Meche foils are super easy to remove without causing any stress or damage to the hair. This is due to the polyester material allowing the foil to easily slide out, minimising the risk of breakage. 

  • Reusable

If you didn't know, meche foils are reusable, and therefore environmentally friendly! If you're a salon looking to make reduce your waste, and looking to make more sustainable choices, this could be something to get on board with.


Should I stick with Hair Foils?

Aluminium hair foils are a staple within the hairdressing industry and we can't see them going anywhere anytime soon. Formed as thin sheets of aluminium, they are durable and workable to adapt to various highlighting techniques. Most colourists are trained and educated using foils from the get-go, so switching up your usual technique may seem unnecessary.

Why we love Hair Foils

  • Durable 

Aluminium foils easily conform to the shape of the hair, making them suitable for different application methods, such as highlighting, balayage, and ombreing. 

  • Cost-effective

Aluminium foils are generally more cost-effective than meche foils, making them a popular choice in salons.

  • Availability

Being widely available, aluminium foils are easily accessible for stylists across the industry, making them a great choice.


What's the right foil for your salon? 

Ultimately, the choice between hair meche and foils comes down to your salon's specific needs and of course, preference. If precision, visibility, and sustainability are top priorities, then hair meche may be your ideal choice. Or, if versatility, cost-effectiveness, and widespread availability are key considerations, traditional aluminium foils may be more suitable.

Again, it's all down to preference, but why not give meche a try? Both kinds of foils can play a vital role in achieving your desired look for clients so try to experiment with both to discover the unique advantages that each brings. 

Shop both foils and meche on our website at Alan Howard.


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