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Hit the reset button with [wa]shed

Published date 05 January 2024

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Start the new year with clean slate with [wa]shed from Shed.

Be rid of hair impurities and start again with a clean slate. 

If the end of the year had your hair feeling dirty, dull and weighed down, then it's time to hit the reset button on your hair health, and we have just the solution! The [wa]shed from Shed clean slate detoxifying shampoo is the perfect product for a fresh new do. 

Shed Clean Slate Shampoo Shed Clean Slate Shampoo

clean slate charcoal infused detoxifying shampoo from Shed deeply cleanses the scalp using three key ingredients: willow bark extract, cranberry seed oil, and charcoal infusion. Let's dive into what makes Shed's clean slate the perfect detox for New Year's hair!

Firstly, the powerhouse ingredient that makes the clean slate shampoo a game changer - infused charcoal. This is the hair & beauty industry's secret ingredient that detoxifies any impurity. Charcoal works perfectly to exfoliate the strands and scalp to remove excess oil and product build-up for hair that feels soft and has a stunning shine. 

Willow Bark extract is the second ingredient to make up for Shed's clean slate shampoo. It's key to controlling excess sebum on the scalp, eliminating dirt and grime to ensure perfectly balanced hair health. You hair will be left feeling better than ever!

Last but definitely not least, cranberry seed oil. If you're suffering with dry, parched strands, fear not! This highly hydrating ingredient is packed with moisture and antioxidants to support your scalp and keep your hair follicles healthy.

This colour-safe, sulfate-free, and of course vegan formula, is the perfect way to welcome great hair into the new year. And don't forget, our clean slate shampoo comes in a 1000ml backwash size, 260ml retail size, and 100ml travel size, so your clients can get a clean slate at the salon, on the go, or at home. 

What better way to start the new year than by deeply cleansing the scalp for that fresh hair feeling?

Welcome the clean slate detoxifying shampoo into your hair regime this new year and embrace a fresh start. 

Top tip: Within your hair washing routine, we recommend using clean slate between once a week or twice a month, depending on how many products you use, or your hair type! If you feel that your hair needs a refresh, clean slate is the perfect option for you.



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