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How to Maintain a Bouncy Blow-dry

Published date 06 March 2024

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Achieving that fresh, bouncy blow-dry at the end of your client's appointment is the perfect add-on service to show off your skills and ensure your client is left satisfied, and let's face it, a perfect blow-dry is a work of art! Getting the blow-dry to last, on the other hand, can be a challenge. While it's crucial for professional hair stylists to not only deliver an impeccable blow-dry that exceeds volume, it's also important to educate clients on how they can maintain their blow-dry look. With the help of the Alfa Italia Ambassador, Peter Mellon, he will be spilling all the tea on the best techniques, tips and go-to blow-dry products.


1. Starting with the Basics

It's important that before you dive into the blow-drying process you lay the groundwork for a flawless blowout by using a professional, volumising shampoo and conditioner, suitable for your client's hair type. As salon hair begins with the perfect wash, we recommend the Inflatable shampoo & conditioner duo from [wa]shed from Shed, which gives fine, limp hair that bounces and the volume we're striving for when achieving that blow-dry look. This will also make the hair easier to work with when styling.

2. Preparation is Key

Prepping the hair before undergoing a blow-dry is a crucial step to achieving and maintaining your client's blow-dry, as this will determine how easily the hair will style and how long it will hold. This crucial step not only protects the hair but also ensures a smoother finish and prolonged style retention. Peter Mellon tells us, "My go-to product for the best blow-dry is the Pump Up Volumising Blow Dry Spray by Shed, it gives hair on steroids for that voluminous blow-dry that doesn't leave hair feeling gritty or dry.

3. Section with Precision 

Precisely, divide the hair into manageable sections, securing each with clips to maintain organisation and control. Peter suggests, " out your blowout technique before blow drying, slimmer sections for smoother locks, and thicker sections for body and volume." Working from section to section allows for more thorough drying and styling, resulting in a more polished and long-lasting blow-dry. Peter also suggests working away from the face when giving the blow-dry as it gives more fresh and energised look!

4. Mastering the Technique

Peter recommends blasting the hair to be 80% dry, and ensuring hair is being dried facing downwards as this helps smooth over the cuticle. Using the Alfa Italia Forza, this ensures the hair is heated evenly in half the time while being able to form sleek and perfectly formed curls from the air concentrator nozzle. Depending on the desired level of volume and curl, utilise a round brush of appropriate size, gently pulling the brush through the hair while directing hot air from the blow dryer downward along the hair shaft. Roll the brush outward as you reach the ends to create bouncy curls or smooth waves.

5. Cool & Set

Ensure that once each section is dried and styled, the blow dryer is switched to the cool setting to set the curls and seal the hair cuticles. This will not only enhance the longevity of the blowout but also enhance the shine! Peter tells us, "Use the cold blast button on your dryer, it's there for a reason! This is a key part to setting your hair for a long-lasting blowout." Allow the hair to cool completely before releasing each section for optimal bounce and hold.

6. Lock in the Look

Lock in your bouncy blow-dry with a flexible-hold hairspray to combat frizz and maintain hair volume throughout the day. Peter swears by using the Mirror Mirror Shine Enhancing Finish Spray from Shed, "I literally can't get enough of this spray! It has a high gloss shine and the smell is incredible!" Top Tip: Avoid using too much product post-blow-dry as this can weigh down the hair and diminish the curl's hold.

Now that you have achieved a bouncy blow-dry, educate your clients with knowledge on how they can maintain their blowout beyond the salon chair. Peter recommends, "If you're a client wanting to achieve the salon-styled blow-dry, ask your stylist for a blow-dry session. We offer this in-salon, which is also a great way for a stylist to show off their day-to-day work."

Tips & Tricks from Peter Mellon:

"Some tips for maintaining the best blow-dry would be to make sure you use the correct products, the correct heated tool, and to use silk everything post blow-dry! I recommend a silk hair wrap, silk scrunchie and silk pillowcase to keep your blow-dry looking and feeling smoother for longer."

Check out the @alanhowardltd Instagram for the full demo with Peter Mellon.


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