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Illuminatural: Get the 'no make up' make up look

Published date 08 April 2024

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Illumina Color with Wella 

Illumina Color is Wella Professional's most luminous hair colour. It is a permanent colour that is powered by the ultra-sophisticated Microlight Technology, which allows light to enter hair and then radiate out, giving it an almost ethereal luminosity, and built in metal purifier that helps to prevent hair damage when metals are present in the hair. 

It gives your 100% natural looking colour with up to 100% grey coverage: while also providing up to 3 levels of luminous lift on natural virgin hair. While this Illumina launch isn't a formulation change its purely a packaging change, it's important to call out Illumina's key features and why you should be using it!

Illumina Color has its own dedicated technology; firstly, microtones which is the most sophisticated dye combination in Wella Professionals that mimics the natural hair tones, and secondly, microlight technology which helps to protect the cuticle clarity and allows light to enter the hair and illuminate within. It also contains a built in Metal Purifier that helps to prevent hair damage when metals are present in the hair and is a vegan formulation.

Illumina Color's unique palette of warm, neutral, and cool shades offers the most premium shading for expensive looking colour results and it's violet undertone helps to mute the tones to appear more natural.

Have you heard the phrase your skin but better? 

The 'no makeup, makeup' trend allows you to have 'the natural look' whilst covering blemishes and enhancing your features, you can create the same look for your hair with Illumina Color! Inspired by the 'No make-up make-up' trend, Illuminatural is the art of applying permanent hair colour that mimics and beautifies the natural shade, while providing all the benefits of a permanent colour. You can see this trend as an opportunity to upgrade your regular services to feel more premium and earn more. The art of creating a 'No make-up make-up look' is really about crafting a 'natural look' by enhancing the individuals natural features. Multiple shades are used to avoid a 'blanket coverage' effect for a premium feel.

Illuminatural can be split into 3 make up lead services:

  • Sheer Blush
  • Nude Cover
  • Highlighted Glow

These services use the 4 new on trend shades: 9/37, 7/75, 8/36, and 7/42.

Nude Cover 


Think full coverage with a dewy finish. With up to 100% coverage, a sheer finish, cool, neutral & warm palettes to suit any skin tone. Our favourite shades for Nude Cover are 7/42, 6/76 and 8/38.

Highlighted Glow


Think how a touch of highlighter can brighten your complexion. By adding a touch of glow to your colour formula, you can brighten and define your end look. With up three levels of lift, shiny & luminous results, cool shades for neutralisation, and champagne shades for expensive looking blonde. Our favourite shades for Highlighted Glow are 10/69, 8/36, and 10/38.

Sheer Blush


This is the finishing touch, polish your look with a touch of blush! Toning and Glossing services for minimal tone and maximum shine and an expansive palette for neutralisation and tonal enhancement. Our favourite shades for Sheer Blush are Silver Mauve, Platinum Lily, and Copper Peach.



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