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Meet The Quif Art Team: Georgia Bell

Published date 16 May 2024

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Introducing Georgia Bell - salon owner, multi-award winner and crazy colour hair artist joining the Quif Art team.

Join us and get to know Georgia and her journey through the industry as we are so excited to have her join the team at Quif. Let’s dive in and get personal…

  • How long have you been in the industry?

“So, I have been in the industry for 13 years now, specialising in bright colours and creative cutting.”
  • Let us know of any awards you have won, been a runner-up for, or any recognitions you have achieved.

“We’ve won a fair few! Some from the top of my head are, 'Three Best Rated® Rotherham's Most Rated Salon', 'Yorkshire Salon Awards winner of the Best Colour Salon', and a fair few more!"
  • What inspired you to become a hair artist?

“Creative freedom, creating a client base that I wanted, creating a safe space for people that are alternative or a little bit different - basically just vibing how I want to vibe!”
  • What is a hair trend you are loving at the moment?

“We’re not a salon that really specifies in hair trends, we create our own trends!”
  • What were the risks of becoming a salon owner?

“I could end up with no money! You know, the fears of being a salon owner... I suppose will it not work, but it has been a fantastic adventure.”
  • Do you have any professional hair artists that you look up to?

“Yes, absolutely! Sophia Hilton from Not Another Salon, and there are a few Japanese hair artists that I am really liking at the moment, and also some guys from Barcelona!”
  • Has owning a salon always been the career path you wanted to take?

“I wanted to be my own boss so yes!”
  • What does your morning routine look like before you get to the salon?

“I get up early, answer my DM’s, sort my three children out, and then I always get to the salon nice and early so I can get prepared for the day.”
  • Describe a perfect day at the salon.

“Just being surrounded by beautiful, alternative people, creating a vibe, having good conversation, and selling confidence to people.”
  • How do you like to spend your time off work?

“I like to go to raves - I like to go dancing, I like to go raving! I like to go to the cinema and I like to have fun!”
  • What’s a movie you could watch every day and not get bored of it?

  • It’s takeaway night, what are you ordering?

“A dirty burger and fries… yeah.”
  • What’s your death row meal?

“I love this question! No one has ever asked me! To start off I’m going to go with a Five Guys burger with everything on it, then a traditional Sunday Roast dinner, and then I’ll finish it with a cheese board... nice.”
  • Who is your ultimate celebrity crush?

“It’s got to be Barry Keoghan from Saltburn.”
  • If you could wear someone's hair for the day, who would it be?

“It’s got to be a David Bowie mullet, which I suppose I am wearing right now. I’m actually wearing it!”
  • Besides hairdressing what is a skill you would like to learn?

  • What are you most excited about for the future?

“Just to see what happens! Obviously, I am a new artist with Quif so I can’t wait to see what that brings.”

We can’t wait to see what Georgia will be bringing to the Art Team at Quif! Watch Georgia’s Quif intro video here.

Follow Georgia at @georgiabellhair and @quifhair for all updates. Watch this space!



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