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Mental Health Awareness Month: Support Within The Salon

Published date 21 May 2024

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It's Mental Health Awareness Month

For Mental Health Awareness Month, it is important for salon owners to consider the mental well-being of their team members. Working in the salon industry can be demanding, with long hours, high client expectations, and the pressure to maintain a positive attitude at all times. This environment can take its toll on the mental health of salon professionals, leading to issues such as depression, anxiety, and burnout.
If you’re a salon owner, here are some common signs and symptoms of poor mental health you may acknowledge within your team:
  • Unable to concentrate and easily distracted
  • Irritable and aggressive
  • Less talkative and avoiding social activities
  • Tired or tearful
  • Unable to control their emotions
  • Physically ill, for example, with headaches or fatigue
  • Overwhelmed and unable to perform to their usual standards

 As a salon owner, you have the opportunity to create a supportive and understanding workplace that prioritises mental health. We’ve navigated some strategies to help you support your team members who may be struggling:

Start the Conversation:

Openly discuss mental health with your team. Let them know that it's okay to talk about their feelings and struggles. Encourage an open-door policy where team members feel comfortable coming to you with any concerns.

Provide Mental Health Resources:

Offer information about mental health resources such as counselling services or support groups. Ensure that team members know where to go if they need professional help or someone to talk to.

Training and Education:

Invest in mental health training for yourself and your team. This could be providing workshops that cover topics like stress management, self-care, and recognising signs of mental distress. This will help increase awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Flexible Schedules:

Be flexible with scheduling to accommodate the needs of team members who may be dealing with mental health challenges.

Create a Supportive Environment:

Create a culture of support in your salon. Encourage team members to check in on each other and offer support when needed. Celebrate successes and milestones together to boost morale!

Regular Check-Ins:

Schedule regular one-on-one check-ins with your team members to discuss their workload, stress levels, and overall well-being. Use these meetings as an opportunity to offer support and guidance.

Remember, supporting your team members' mental health is not only the right thing to do—it also benefits your salon as a whole. A happy and healthy team is more productive, creative, and engaged, leading to better client experiences and business success. By prioritising mental health in your salon, you're not only supporting your team members but also creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture in which everyone can thrive!


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