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The Festival Hairstyles of 2024

Published date 24 April 2024

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As the festival season approaches, it's time to dive into the world of playful styles, vibrant colours, and of course show-stopping hairstyles. For professional hairstylists, this is the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity and elevate your styles to new heights. This year we're seeing a lot of braids, gems, and of course, colour! There are a multitude of trending festival hair looks to explore this season, so lets dive in and discover the top picks that are sure to be styles you'll want to create with your clients.

Long Braided Ponytail


We are seeing a lot of hairstyles perfect for those with longer locks, and whether your clients are lucky enough to possess such hair lengths or are requiring extensions, this is the perfect hair-do. Elevate the classic ponytail with a touch of bohemian flair by incorporating that tightly crafted classic braid. For added festivity, weave in some colourful ribbons or gems for a playful pop of colour.

Mermaid Waves


Nothing says effortless chic like long mermaid waves! These soft yet defined waves add a playful curl to the hair which achieves a more simplistic and low-maintenance vibe. We recommend adding a texture spray for that tousled windswept look. Get creative by adding some gems for that extra dazzle!

Space Buns

Add a daring twist to your festival look with space buns that look out of this world! Keeping the hair out of the face may be a detrimental requirement from your client, so we have just the hairstyle that does so while keeping it fun. For an extra dose of fun, add scrunchies to your look or opt for a half-up half-down look.

Baby Bubble Braids


With the bubble braid already being a big hit this year, we are obsessed with the baby bubble braids that are taking centre stage for this year's festival season. Adding colourful bands at regular intervals between the sections of hair creates that bubble effect, adding instant volume and dimension to any hair-do.

Mini Flower Clips


Channel your inner flower power with these enchanting hair clips that add that funky festival vibe to any look. Strategically place the small flower clips throughout the hair for that pop of colour to create a vibrant and eye-catching look to the hair.

Baby Braids


For a subtle yet stylish touch, incorporate baby braids into your festival hairstyle, again keeping hair out of the face with an added glamorous style to the look. We love the added butterfly clips and gems that give the hairstyle a touch of magic!

Slicked-back Pigtails


If a slicked-back look is what you're after, try this slicked-back pigtail style that combines practically with playful. Jazz this up with some funky hair accessories or braids for the ultimate festival vibe.

Headband Braid

Upgrade your typical headband with a plaited braid that screams boho-chic! Adding dimension and texture to the hair-do, this a classic go-to hairstyle to keep the hair off the face while adding a stylish accent to your festival look. 

With these trending festival looks all in one place, you're ready to dazzle your clients and unleash the creativity to transform any look. Whether you're styling long beachy waves or crafting a cosmic vibe with space buns, there is something for every festival-goer to love. We can't wait to see what more festival hair looks unfold!



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