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The Importance Of Retailing In-Salon

Published date 15 April 2024

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#HelpingHand: Why Is Retailing In-Salon So Important?

While the hairdressing industry is full of evolving trends and fast-paced style changes, one aspect stays the same: the importance of retailing in your salon. As professional hairstylists, you not only hold the key to transforming your clients' looks but also enhancing their overall experience through the products and brands you use. While this can have a positive impact on a salon's revenue stream, it can also be a vital component of your salon's overall success. Let's dive into the reasons why upping your retail game could be the key to your salon's success.

1. Enhances Client Experience

When your clients book to have their hair done, they not only seek a fabulous haircut or colour treatment, but an immersive experience that will keep them coming back. Retailing your favourite products that you love to use on your clients allows you to extend the salon experience beyond the chair. Recommending your favourite shampoo or overnight treatment to your client's specific needs elevates their appointment by fostering a relationship and increasing client loyalty.

2. Trust & Expertise

As salon owners and stylists, you are the advisors that your client put their trust in. Retailing reputable products that you truly love and use with your clients, this can reinforce your expertise and credibility. Clients value your recommendations, knowing they are curated based on your professional knowledge and understanding of their hair type and concerns. This will make your clients feel comfortable buying products from your salon and choose to do so whenever they have an appointment. 

3. Revenue Boost

And let's not forget about the financial part! Retailing isn't just providing convenience to your clients; it's also a significant revenue stream for your business. The markup on retail products can contribute substantially to your bottom line, providing stability and financial growth opportunities for your salon. If your long-term clients are stocking up on their favourite products every appointment, your are bound to see an increase in profitability. 

4. Competitive Edge

We all understand the struggle of the hair and beauty industry being highly competitive, so setting your salon apart is crucial. Retailing exclusive or niche products not readily available elsewhere can give your salon a significant advantage. It can attract clients who seek an exclusive experience as well as increase your salon's overall reputation.

5. Educational Opportunities

Retailing isn't just about selling products; it's also an opportunity for education. By explaining the features and benefits of salon products, you empower clients to make informed decisions about their haircare and encourage an enthusiastic approach to what they can do for their benefit. Again, this educational aspect strengthens the trust between yourself and your clients, fostering that long-term relationship.

6. Staying Up To Date With Trends

The hair and beauty industry is ever-evolving, with new trends and innovations constantly emerging. Embracing retail allows your salon to adapt and evolve with the changing times, which gives your salon the potential to attract new clients. This can also relate to seasonal changes - during summer months you'll focus on up-selling travel kits or UV-safe shampoo, and in winter you'll encourage using hydrating masks and heat protectants. By staying up-to-date with industry trends and updating product offerings accordingly, you'll put your salon in a position of continuous growth and relevance!


Retailing isn't just a common practice for a salon owner, it's the key to salon success! Integrating retail into your salon experience, such as offering exclusive brands and products that you're truly passionate about, will elevate satisfaction, boost revenue, and position your salon as the top choice! Top Tip: Don't forget, when retailing to your clients it's all about finding out what clients need and then offering the solution. This will solidify your client's judgement to trust you with product recommendations and keep them returning for more!



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