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magi:gloss get the look: Rich Patina

Published date 07 September 2023

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Stay ahead of the trend this autumn by preparing for clients wanting to enrich their current hair colour or explore the dark side of the colour spectrum.

If your client is looking to try out a new colour or wants a little colour boost, magi:gloss is the perfect solution.

Let’s take a closer look at the gorgeous ‘Rich Patina’ look as part of the magi:gloss launch collection. 

For Tilly’s look, the Quif Art Team, first of all, split the head into 3 horizontal sections:

  1. Ear to ear across the occipital bone.
  2. Temple to temple across the back of the head but below the crown.
  3. Halo to top section.

Then for colour placement, apply the following to those sections:

Section 1 – Make 3 upside-down triangles coming off the section line approximately 1 inch wide and at least 1 inch apart. Foil this hair using a conditioning treatment to ensure it doesn’t pick up any darker colour that you will apply to the rest of the surrounding hair.

Section 2 – Do the same as section 1 but add 2 upside-down triangles to either side of the head.

Section 3 – Scatter a few triangles underneath the client’s parting, leaving a veil of hair over them.

Sarah from the Quif Art Team says “Remember to coat the lighter hair with a thick conditioning treatment so that during the rinsing of the darker colour, you don’t get any bleed on the lighter hair”.

Now it’s time to apply the darker colour to the rest of the hair. For Tilly, they combined half Medium Slate Ash Brown (4SA/4:11) and half Light Ash Gold Brown (5AG/5:13) mixed with 1:1.5 parts of Gloss Activator to achieve a dark cool brown result.

The team then processed for 20 minutes then rinsed the colour out of the hair before undoing the foils and shampooing, rinsing and towel drying.

Back at the chair, they dried the hair before combining half Dark Natural Gold Blonde (6NG/6:03) with half Light Natural Gold Blonde (8NG/8:03) mixed with 1:1.5 parts of Gloss Activator and applied to the previously foiled hair.

“What I really loved about Tilly’s look was the way the lighter ribbons caught the light and added dimension to the hair,” says Sarah.

This colour is lighter than the colour used on the rest of the hair to show up as ribbons of a lighter, warmer tone, creating texture when the hair is curled, or help the colour pop when the hair is straight.

They then processed again for 20 minutes before rinsing and shampooing then towel drying and adding a conditioner. “As always, we recommend using a colour-safe shampoo & conditioner such as Vivid Bloom from Shed to maximise colour vibrancy” Sarah adds.

Artist top tip: For more exaggerated ribbons of colour, create larger triangles when sectioning.


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