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Nanokeratin System Refortify Smoother Afro Hair 320ml

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Curly &Afro HairRefortify Smoother/Straightener for Afro/very curly damaged hair comprises highly substantive particles performing Enzyme alike affinity to hair structure for a safe

Bond Reformation Soft and Complete Smoothing/Straightening, having 0% Formaldehyde and Aldehyde and releasing no chemical off-gases.


ross linking separated hair bonds as Di-sulphide  (Sulphur) & Van der Waals, creating new bonds, multiplying and stabilizing

Existing bonds as well as restructuring all bonds to a straight formation for a straight hair

Reforming hair fibre texture to straight

Forming solid inner layer to seal natural nourishing nutrients inside hair fibre enabling enhanced inner fluent nourishment from roots to tips so hair recuperates itself from the inside

Forming outer layer to construct outer foundation and insulate hair fibre against damaging environmental sources as humidity, salty water and UV rays

Reducing friction between hair strands for freedom of movement

Enhancing colour shine, prolonging colour retention and keeping colour from fading

Knitting hair fibre back to its hydrophobic state implementing Lotus Effect of minimizing water & dirt adhesion

Claims: straight, healthy, toned, elastic, luminous, intensified natural shine and colour vibrancy, insulated against damaging environmental sources, easily designed and manageable, Smoothing, Strength, Flexibility, Softening, Improving Elasticity, Increases Hydration, Improve Vibrancy, Strengthen and Smooth Hair Fibre, Repair and Resist Damage

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