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A Guide to the Ultimate Salon Spring Clean

Published date 14 March 2024

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Revitalise your salon for spring

It's that wonderful time of year to welcome the freshness of spring into your salon! Spring is the perfect time for your salon to use a touch-up after the long winter months. A thorough spring cleaning not only enhances your salon's environment but also revitalises your business, leaving clients feeling the want to return. After all, having your clients relax in your salon is key to top customer service. Here's our guide for salon owners on how to spruce up their space for the spring season.

Clean Hair Tools and Equipment

Start by giving your hair tools and equipment a deep clean.

Hairbrushes, combs, and electrics should be thoroughly sanitised to maintain hygiene standards and to ensure you're producing your best hair work. When removing any hair build-up from styling tools and checking for signs of wear and tear, this would be the best time to replace any tools if necessary to ensure optimal performance and client satisfaction. Check out our blog post with our simple steps on 'How To Clean Your Hair Dryer Filter'.

Refresh Your Social Media

Spring is the perfect time to give your salon's social media accounts a makeover.

Update your profile by providing the correct opening hours, availability and service list. If you made a social media strategy at the beginning of the year, this would be the perfect time to reflect on key social media metrics to see how well the engagement, and content that you have produced has performed. Top Tip: Some key content ideas to share for spring could include before-and-after photos of client makeovers, spring hair trends, tutorials, and tips for maintaining healthy hair during the changing seasons. Make sure to engage with your followers by responding to comments and messages promptly!

Declutter and Organise

Say goodbye to clutter by clearing and organising your salon space.

Dispose of any expired products, old magazines, and unnecessary mess that may have accumulated over time. Invest in storage solutions such as shelves, baskets, and drawers to keep products and supplies neatly organised for the ease of your team. A clean and organised salon not only looks more inviting but also enhances productivity and efficiency, and most importantly keeps you and your colleagues motivated!

Deep Clean and Disinfect

Give your salon a thorough deep clean to eliminate dust, dirt, and germs.

Pay special attention to high-touch areas such as reception desks, waiting areas, staff rooms, and bathroom facilities. Disinfect all surfaces, including countertops, mirrors, and styling stations. This will ensure you're creating a safe and hygienic environment for both clients and staff members.

Update Your Interior

Update your salon space and window displays.

Incorporate vibrant colours or fresh flowers, add pops of colour with decorative accents and window displays featuring spring-inspired decorations. You could consider rearranging furniture to create a more spacious and inviting layout.

Evaluate and Restock Products

Take a count of your salon's product inventory and evaluate which items need to be restocked.

Dispose of any expired or unused products to make room for new inventory; this would be a great time to make room for some new products to try out.

Invest in Training

Spring is a great time to invest in training and development opportunities for you and your staff.

Attend workshops, courses, and industry events to stay updated on the latest seasonal trends, techniques, and technologies in the hair industry. Spring is the perfect time to motivate your team, and will ensure their skills and expertise are enhanced to provide exceptional services to your clients.

By following these tips, salon owners can transform their space into a welcoming environment that reflects a fresh start to the spring season. A salon spring clean not only enhances the appeal of your business but also creates a positive and memorable experience for your clients, so we highly recommend taking part in the ultimate spring clean for a productive 2024!



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