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Benefits of Salon Marketing: How To Transform Your Salon's Business

Published date 27 May 2024

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Benefits of Salon Marketing: How To Transform Your Salon's Business

Are you ready to transform your salon’s marketing game?
Within the hair and beauty industry, running a successful salon isn’t just about providing a service to your clients; it’s also about effectively reaching your clients outside the salon. Let’s explore the importance of marketing your salon and the benefits this can provide your business, as this can effectively lead to more client attraction and retention. Let’s dive into why marketing matters for your salon.

Benefits of Marketing Your Salon:

  • Increase Your Visibility 

 The hair & beauty industry is a highly competitive environment, so visibility for your salon is crucial to success. Effective marketing can ensure that potential clients know about your salon and the services you offer. The more potential clients who are aware of your salon, the higher the chances of attracting them to book in!

  • Client Retention

Marketing your salon isn’t just about getting new clients; it’s also about keeping the ones you already have! Consistent communication with your clients while offering special promotions can help keep your salon at the forefront of your clients’ minds.
  • Builds Your Salon’s Brand

Your salon’s brand is its identity. Marketing your salon will help shape and promote your brand, distinguishing your salon from the competition. By creating a strong brand, this will 
Create loyal clients who choose your salon every time. 
  • Increase Revenue 

Ultimately, effectively implementing marketing strategies for your salon, can lead to increased bookings that will drive the revenue growth for your salon!

Ways To Market Your Salon:

Let’s explore some essential marketing strategies you can implement within your salon to boost client reach and retention. 
  • Loyalty Cards

This is a fantastic way to encourage repeat business and client retention. Offering rewards for multiple visits gives your clients the incentive to return to your salon. For example, offer your clients a free cut with their blowdry!
Did you know? 43% of consumers spend more with companies that offer loyalty programs (Accenture, 2024).
  • Gift Cards

Gift cards are a key marketing tool for your salon, and super versatile! They not only provide immediate revenue but also bring new clients to your salon. Encourage your clients to purchase gift cards for their families and friends to broaden your clientele.
Benefits include attracting new clients, encouraging word-of-mouth referrals, and upfront revenue!
  • Social Media

With a strong digital presence in today’s society, it is crucial to regularly share content of your salon on social media platforms. With the likes of Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, these are the perfect platforms for showcasing your work, sharing client testimonials, and promoting special offers or important news. Creating engaging content, regularly posting, and interacting with followers can significantly enhance your salon’s visibility, and most importantly, being consistent!
Top Tips: 
  • Share before and after client transformations
  • Engage with your followers through comments and messages
  • Tag locations and use relevant hashtags to reach a broader audience
  • Be authentic and make it fun! 
  • Partnerships & collaborations

Collaborate with local businesses and influential people within the industry to expand your reach. Joint promotions and events can introduce your salon to new audiences.
  • Customer Feedback & Reviews

 Encourage your clients to leave positive reviews on platforms such as Google Business or on social media channels. Positive reviews will build trust with potential clients while attracting them. 

Top Tip: Offer small incentives to your clients who leave a positive review to ensure you have a bank of reviews for potential clients to assess. 

Marketing is a key segment of a thriving salon, so implementing these strategies, such as loyalty cards, gift cards and content creation on social media, can significantly enhance the visibility of your salon’s visibility, client retention, and revenue. 
At Alan Howard, we are committed to supporting salon owners in their journey to success. Through Alan Howard Rewards, we offer salons bespoke marketing materials, such as loyalty cards, gift cards, and refer-a-friend cards to support your salon business and make it thrive!
Contact your local store or BDM for more information.



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