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Get To Know Teddy Bear Blonde

Published date 11 March 2024

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Trending: Teddy Bear Blonde

With 2024 taking off at full speed, we have already seen an array of stunning hair colours make their way into the salons, and 'Teddy Bear Blonde' is the trending hair colour that has seen to be increasingly popular! Described as a cosy, warm golden tone, this is the opposite of the go-to cool, icy blonde. The brunette hues with the mix of blonde highlights create the 'bronde' effect, adding dimension to its wide range of warm brunette tones. With there being a multitude of blonde shades coming to play this year, we're going to take a deep dive into what there is to know about creating the perfect 'Teddy Bear Blonde' - here's what to know.

Achieving the perfect 'Teddy Bear Blonde' with Magi:colour Twilights:

Get your clients involved in this cosy trend using the fabulous Magi:colour Twilights by Quif; this is colour that sets the tone for a new era in professional hair colour. Twilights are the perfect choice when achieving an unimaginable warm tone, condition, and extra glossy shine. Claire Severn, Quif Research & Development Manager tells us, "Twilights from Magi:colour makes darkening a pale, cool blonde to a warm golden tone so much easier, as Twilights contain pre-pigment base that ensures you will always achieve the right amount of depth and warmth."

How to get the look:

Starting as a natural level 7 with old multi-tonal highlights, the first step to achieving the 'Teddy Bear Blonde' was re-highlighting.

Firstly, to create the blonde highlights for brightness, we started sectioning the front and side hairlines, and weaved fine sections at the front of the hair to create that lightened money piece. Here is what we used for the perfect lift:

Claire recommends a mixture of highlights and lowlights when introducing warm tones to your client, as this adds a lot of dimension, and a beautiful texture to the hair. Here is the formula we used for the lowlights to achieve our cosy Teddy Bear Blonde:


We took fine weaves and alternated between the conditioner and the Magi:colour Twilights formula. We used the [wa]shed from Shed Former Glory conditioner to protect the existing blonde highlights from the full head formula that we will use between all the meches. Once the meche was in, colour was applied in between every meche from root to end. For this, we mixed:

This can be left to sit in the bowl for 5 minutes after mixing to convert the formula into a demi-permanent. 

With a quick development time of 20 minutes, the meche strips were removed for the hair to be rinsed and towel dried. For that extra blonde money piece, we also used used Magi:colour 10:3 mixed with the Demi-fuel and applied this at the backwash. Using the [wa]shed from Shed Former Glory shampoo & conditioner, we blow-dried the hair, and here are the finished results!



From a light highlighted blonde, to a cosy warming Teddy Bear Blonde, achieve this trending colour on your clients with Magi:colour by Quif for a stunning transformation. Claire loves creating this colour, when telling us, "The teddy bear blonde effect conjures up so many lovely memories of childhood; softness, warmth, and the best of cuddles!" We have to agree - the soft golden bronde created from this look is the ultimate comfort blanket, and we couldn't recommend it enough.

Top Tip: Claire recommends staying away from the purple shampoo, as this will completely draw out the warm golden colours that have been created throughout the hair. Instead, it's recommended to use a colour-safe shampoo, such as the [wa]shed Vivid Bloom Colour Lock UV Protect shampoo from Shed, as this will protect the warm tones in the hair.


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