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Hair Care 101: Protect Your Locks from Winter Damage

Published date 23 November 2023

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The cold winter months are upon us, and unfortunately it's when our hair becomes brittle, broken and dry. As salon visits tend to be quieter in the new year, we have the perfect winter hair care routine so your clients don't suffer in silence.


Moisture, moisture, moisture!

On a frosty day, there tends to be a lack of moisture in the air, meaning your hair has nothing to absorb. Your hair can be left dehydrated, so it is our job to feed it that extra moisture within a routine to keep the dryness at bay.

Starting with the basics, offer clients a professional hydrating shampoo & conditioner. We recommend the wa[shed] from Shed thirst quencher duo that moisturises, softens, and smooths brittle and frizzy hair. Packed with wheatgerm oil, linoleic acid and vitamin e, these wonderful ingredients will hydrate the hair strands and scalp to retain moisture and lock it into place. It doesn't stop there! Once thoroughly washed, coat the hair in the amika hydro rush intense moisture mask for extra hydration. After just one use, hair will be left 5X more hydrated.


Style without the damage

With party season just around the corner, styling our hair with heat is a no-brainer. If clients are worried about using heat on their hair this winter, the Alfa Italia electrical stylers are the perfect option to combat heat damage. The newly launched Alfa Italia Tropea kits are must-have styling tools, and here's why. The sleek titanium plates offer superior heat conductivity that heats the hair in half the time of conventional heat, reducing the risk of damage. We recommend styling the hair with the Shed X in 1 multi perfect treatment spray to protect, strengthen, and repair hair from any damage. This winter, create voluminous bouncy curls without the damage.


Don't skip the heat protectant!

No matter the weather, heat protectant is a must. Clients may be using more heat on their hair due to the colder climate, so we recommend fixing them up with a superior heat protectant. The Shed force-field heat styling protectant spray creates a thermal protective layer that seals in moisture when using heat up to 230C. This will guarantee your clients locked-in moisture for a flawless finish.


Stick to a hair washing routine

If you have clients who are guilty of washing their hair almost daily, this can be another reason for severe dryness. It's the time of year when your scalp becomes increasingly dry, which increases the regulation of your hair's natural oil production, meaning more grease! Encourage your clients to wash their hair at the preferable rate of 2/3x a week, to help regulate their hair's natural sebum production. For clients to get used to this routine, we recommend the Shed dry ice dry shampoo styling spray to reduce the look of oil and refresh the hair in between washes.


As these cold months are here to stay for a while, this is the perfect opportunity to retail these hydrating products for your clients, in time for Christmas.  Get clients building up  their winter hair care routine in time for the new year, and leave damaged hair in 2023.


Top Tip: As much as a hot shower is the perfect way to enjoy a winter morning, the hot water can strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. We recommend setting your shower to a lukewarm temperature and finishing it with a cool rinse. This will ensure the hair is kept healthy, as well as allowing it to keep its shine.




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