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How To Achieve Caramel Blondie Blonde

Published date 13 May 2024

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Trending: Caramel Blondie Blonde


Summer is on its way, and the latest sensation in hair colour has hit the scene: 'Caramel Blondie Blonde'. With blonde being the colour of the summer, this trend is quickly becoming the go-to choice, offering a deliciously warm and inviting tone for that ultimate summer glow. Unlike the cool, icy blondes we’re used to seeing,  'Caramel Blondie Blonde' exudes warmth, richness, and gold tone. Combining multi-dimensional warm tones it creates a stunning colour that infuses a caramel blonde tone with highlights of gold. With a variety of colour shades making waves this year, 'Caramel Blondie Blonde' stands out as the perfect choice for clients seeking sun-kissed, radiant locks this summer. Here's everything you need to know about achieving the perfect 'Caramel Blondie Blonde' look. Let’s dive in.

Achieving ‘Caramel Blondie Blonde’ with quint:essential

Have your clients brighten up their look for summer using quint:essential by Quif. Why Quint:essential? Claire Severn, Quif Research & Development Manager tells us ”Because this colour is pre-bonded, pre-blended and pre-adjusted and has a fabulous range of light warm tones, it is perfect for our model because she had a previously highlighted base. Quint:essential is perfect when working on lightened hair that might not be in its prime condition and will ensure it that fabulous condition,  full tone deposit and colour longevity.”

How To Get The Look

Our model started as a level 8, with old multi-tonal highlights throughout and a significant re-growth.  The first step to achieving the 'Caramel Blondie' was to create multi-tonal highlights. Here is what we used for our different foil:
  • Foil 1 root - 20g Quint:essential 9:23/ + 20g 20vol/6% Quint:essential creme developer
  • Foil 1 ends - 20g Quint:essential 9:23/ + 20g 10vol/3% Quint:essential creme developer
  • Foil 2 root - 20g Quint:essential 9:13/ +20g 20vol/6% Quint:essential creme developer
  • Foil 2 ends - 20g Quint:essential 9:13/ +20g 10vol/3% Quint:essential creme developer
  • Foil 3 - 20g Quint:essential 8:33/8w +20g 10vol/3% Quint:essential creme developer
  • Foil 4 - 20g Quint:essential 8:3/8g +20g 10vol/3% Quint:essential creme developer
  • Foil 5 - 20g Quint:essential 7:73/ +20g 10vol/3% Quint:essential creme developer
  • Foil 6 - 20g Quint:essential 7:033/ +20g 10vol/3% Quint:essential creme developer
Firstly, we mixed our selection of warm tones with the 10vol/3% quint:essential creme developer to deposit into Ronnie’s pre-lightened hair and mixed our level 9 tones with 20vol/6% Quint:essential creme developer for application in the root area. Top Tip: When using multiple colours with your client, make sure to label your bowls!


Starting at the nape, we took very fine weaves and worked our way up the section alternating between all 6 colours. Repeat this process until the whole head is foiled up. Top Tip: Claire tells us, “When using different strengths of the developer, fold your foil halfway up, then fold again to avoid your two formulas touching.” For the final colour, we mixed 20ml of magi:gloss 10:03 with 30ml gloss activator in an applicator bottle and applied it between each and every foil from root to end, developing this for 20 minutes. The hair was rinsed, and foils removed, ready for our model to be shampooed and conditioned. 


For the final look, the hair was prepped with Pump Up Blow Dry Spray from Shed, and blow dried with the Alfa Italia aurora pro ionic smart dryer while using the Alfa Italia round bristle brush. The hair was finished off by styling the hair with the Alfa Italia Lutsro Grande straighteners and of course Force-field Heat Protectant Spray from Shed.



From a cool-toned pre-lightened blonde to the gorgeous ‘Caramel Blondie’ blonde, the hair instantly gives that warming caramel look. Achieve this deliciously dimensional blonde with Quint:essential by Quif for a stunning transformation that your clients will love for the summertime.


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