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Kit Bag Essentials For Hairdressers

Published date 03 June 2024

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Whether you’re a remote hairdresser, a freelancer, or a student, having the right tools in your kit bag can make all the difference when on the go. If you’re looking to refresh your kit bag and start anew, here’s a guide to the essential items you should always have packed. This will ensure you’re prepared for any styling situation without having to pack your entire salon! Let’s dive in.

1. High-quality scissors 

No hairdresser can function without a pair of scissors that allows you to create a multitude of different looks.
  • Cutting scissors: Ergonomic-designed scissors are perfect for a comfortable cutting experience during those long, demanding styling sessions when on the go
  • Thinning scissors: These are essential for blending and texturising hair
We recommend: Alfa Italia the nero collezione nero scissor & nero soft cut scissor.

2. Combs & Brushes

Having a variety of combs and brushes is crucial when working with different hair types.
  • Cutting comb: A standard cutting comb with fine and wide teeth
  • Tail comb: Perfect for sectioning hair with precision, especially when creating up-dos
  • Paddle brush: Ideal for detangling and smoothing hair
  • Round brush: Allows for volume and curls
  • Tint brush & bowls: Necessary when colouring hair on the go

3. Clippers & Trippers

For detailed work, shorter haircuts & barbering:
  • Cordless Clippers: Allows for various guards
  • Detailed Trimmer: Perfect for clean lines and finishing touches
We recommend: The Wahl Travel Shaver is rechargeable and compact with a 45-minute run time and travel case. 

4. Sectioning Clips

High-quality sectioning clips are essential when styling, cutting, and colouring.
  • Crocodile clips: To give a stronghold for thicker hair types when sectioning.
  • Butterfly Clamps: Strong hold clips are ideal when holding a lot of hair
  • Grips: A must when styling up-dos

5. Spray Bottle

Carrying a spray bottle can ensure hair can be kept damp during cutting or if needed to mould hair when styling.
  • Fine Mist Spray Bottle: Ensures an even distribution of water.

6. Hairdressing Cape & Apron

A lightweight, waterproof cape protects a client’s clothes from products and hair, so it is essential to carry one in your kit bag so you’re prepared for any hair challenge.

7. Portable Hairdryer

A compact yet powerful hairdryer is a must:
  • Dual voltage hair dryer for suitable use in different countries
  • Multiple heat and speed settings for versatility when styling
We recommend: Alfa Italia Forza cutting your drying up to 70% with a powerful 2300w pro AC motor and ultra-lightweight design perfect when on the go.

8. Styling Tools

Having a range of styling tools ensures you can create any look:
  • Straightening Iron
  • Curling Wand
  • Heat Protection Mat to place your hot tools safely

9. Your Favourite Styling Products

A selection of essential hair products will help you cater to various hair types to achieve a range of styles.
  • Leave in conditioner for detangling and moisturising
  • Heat protection to shield hair from heat damage
  • Hair serum/oil for added shine and smoothness
  • Texturising spray for volume and hold

10. Towels

Carrying microfibre towels are perfect for absorbing moisture and quick drying.
  • Pack a compact size to fit easily within your kit bag
  • Multiple towels may be necessary when working with multiple clients 
Being prepared with the right tools and supplies in your kit bag can significantly enhance your efficiency and professionalism as a mobile hairdresser. At Alan Howard, we stock all the essentials you need to ensure you’re always ready to deliver high-quality service, wherever you are. Equip yourself with these essentials and you’ll be ready to tackle any hairdressing challenge with confidence!



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