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Summer Hair Care 101

Published date 19 April 2024

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"I'm a professional hairdresser and this is my ultimate summer hair care guide."

Summer is nearly here and it's time to get your clients prepped with a summer hair care routine for the hot summer months that are to come. We've teamed up with our Education Development Manager, Adam Murphy, who has a vast amount of knowledge on all the summer hair care tips and tricks we can't wait to share.

When the hot summer months finally come around, it is a common practice that our hair becomes neglected, and we tend to focus more on the protection of our skin. Unfortunately, our hair and scalp are just as sensitive to the sun's rays and should be protected just as equally. If your clients are struggling with where to start with their summer hair care routine, we've got the inside scoop on how they can achieve a healthy head of hair all summer long. 

Go-to Summer Products For Healthy Hair 

Along with the summer months may come some unusual hair changes that your clients may become concerned with. Firstly, it is likely that clients' hair may become increasingly dry due to the humidity, heat and strong UV. Adam tells us that the key signs of dry hair is likely frizz, faded colour, difficulty styling, and the hair becoming tangled more easily. But not to worry! Adam has given us the lowdown on his go-to summer products that will help with the summer dryness:

This is one of Adam's go-to summer essentials as this delivers a powerful shield of protection against thermal damage and UV exposure. This can also help with dry hair as this leaves hair silky smooth and gives it a stunning shine!

Adam tells us, "It's a leave-in which is perfect for everyday heat and sun exposure." The Body Shake Texturising Finisher is also a must-have summer product for Adam as this also adds the bonus of UV protection to the hair while giving it that stunning style, "Now, there is no fear of having to compromise style because of the sun!".

The colour-locking, UV-protecting Vivid Bloom by [wa]shed from Shed shampoo & conditioner is the perfect summer staple that prolongs hair colour and protects from UV rays keeping hair vibrant all summer long.

Fighting Humidity-frizz In The Warmer Months

"This once impossible task has never been easier! My go-to for fighting the frizz would be salon treatments such as NanoKeratin System, which offer a variety of smoothing options, ranging from 5-6 washes to 3-6 months." Adam tells us this is the key to fighting off humidity and the hair's desire to frizz in the heat. "I would also recommend reducing blow-dry time and any need for hot tools and instead would opt for a styling product that could do this job for you." Adam recommends the Shed Climate Control Anti-humidity Protection Spray. "This is like a weatherproof umbrella!" Top tip: Spray into damp hair first for an extra layer of waterproofing before drying then shake well and spray onto a finished style.

Save Your Coloured Hair This Summer

Adam tells us, "Trying to cover your colour when possible will be the best prevention of colour fade." It is key for clients to use products that contain UVA and UVB to help protect against the sun's rays to prevent hair from looking dull. Adam also recommends to, "Shampoo your hair with a sulphate-free shampoo to minimise fade and lower the temperature of the water when washing your hair as this reduces the swelling of your hair's cuticles that will help with maintaining the colour." Again, the [wa]shed from Shed Vivid Bloom is a must for protecting coloured hair.

Hair Care Suitcase Essentials For Summer

When travelling, your clients must be equipped with a hair care regime that will ensure they don't come back to the salon post-holiday with dry strands and faded colour. Adam tells us, "A good leave-in conditioner is a must! A clarifying shampoo, such as clean slate by [wa]shed is essential to help remove salt and chlorine." This shampoo comes in a travel size, perfect when travelling.

We're all guilty of wanting to have beautifully styled hair during our summer holiday, but clients must be cautious when using styling tools when their hair is already exposed to a lot of heat. Adam suggests, "A must for travel essentials is my mini travel dryer and mini iron styler, such as the Alfa Italia Viaggio. Although heat is often not helpful in summer but neither is having air-dried hair for that special occasion!" Have clients take a dual voltage styler kit that they can use safely in different countries which is effective enough for a full head of styling. Make sure clients use a heat protectant, such as Force-field Heat Styling protection Spray from Shed, that protects hair from heat up to 230ºC degrees and will seal in all the moisture for shiny styled locks.

Poolside Hair Care To Prevent Chlorine and Sun Damage

Having lightened coloured hair can be a risky business when it comes to swimming in pools full of chlorine, so we have some tips on how your clients can avoid a disastrous hair scare when on their holidays. Adam tells us, "The first and foremost recommendation would be to cover your hair if possible, but if not, my top tip is to wet the hair first with clean water. Think of your hair like a sponge - a sponge cannot hold more water if already full! This would leave much less space for chlorine or salt to get into the hair when swimming."

Top Tip: When you have finished swimming in either the sea or pool, make sure to rinse your hair with clean water straightaway to ensure all salt and chlorine have been removed, as this can cause dryness and damage. [wa]shed from Shed clean slate is the perfect shampoo for removing chlorine and giving your hair and scalp a thorough deep cleanse.

Maintainable Go-to Summer Hairstyles


In the hot sunny months, the last thing you want is the uncomfortable feeling of your hair causing you grief! That's why Adam loves the '90's bob' for summer. He tells us, "Lip to jaw length. It's a little to no maintenance and beautifully left air-dried!" Adam also loves the 'Bardot Fringe' on longer hair types, telling us that detailing the side of the curtain bangs allows for an effortlessly chic up-do in the summer months, that acts as a stunning hair-do without the excess styling.


To round up, our hair needs a lot of care care and attention during the summer months, and wherever your clients may be jetting off to, it is crucial to prep them with an ultimate summer hair care routine that is specifically suited to their hair type. This will only ensure they return to the salon with no hair stress or worries, and they are only going to love you for it!



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