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Halo Elite Hard Gel Trial Kit

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Sculpting UV/LED Hard Gel Trial Kit Contains:

  • 1 x Clear Hard Gel 8g
  • 1 x Cover Pink Hard Gel 8g
  • 1 x Bright White Hard Gel 8g
  • 1 x Sample Pack Nail Forms (10 Pack)

The UV Hard Gel

  • The Trial Kit can be cured under UV or LED light.
  • The consistency of the gel is superb, meaning an effortless application when applying.
  • Using the primer gives the gel maximum adhesion allowing the product to sit in place perfectly without damaging or lifting away from the natural nail.
  • The durability of the Hard Gel has a recommended maintenance time of 2 weeks.
  • Halo Hard Gel is a dream to file, making it less work for the nail technician even with a low grit file with zero ‘clagging’ on the nail file.
  • An easy application means no worry of the Hard Gel running into the side walls or cuticles.
  • With one easy application it will leave a flawless, crisp, pigmented colour.
  • The unique mixture allows you to fix a split or chip in the natural nail to prevent the nail from breaking. It helps to knit the nail back together, letting the crack grow out.
  • When cured under a UV or LED Lamp, the Hard Gel will not shrink, pull back or create air bubbles like some other brands.
  • The Sculpting Gel will stay in place when applied to the nail so therefore can be used in one easy application without the need to keep adding additional layers.

Sculpting Forms

  • The sculpting forms are 2 in 1, allowing you to use them on small and long nails.
  • Superior quality nail forms with added strength & adhesion.
  • The nail forms can be used to sculpt the shape you desire on your nails.
  • The nail forms are made from aluminium paper.

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