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The Ultimate Tanning Guide For Clients

Published date 29 April 2024

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Summer is finally approaching, and your clients will be eager to achieve that sun-kissed glow. Whether your clients opt for the flawless finish of a spray tan or prefer the convenience of a session on the sun bed, it’s important for beauty therapists and salon owners to ensure their clients do so knowingly and responsibly. Let’s dive into our comprehensive tanning guide just in time for the summertime, so your clients know what to expect from your service.

Safely Using Sunbeds

Sunbeds, also known as tanning beds, offer clients a quick and convenient way to achieve a bronzed complexion without the need for the key ingredient, the sun. However, it’s crucial your clients use sunbeds responsibly to minimise the risk of sun damage, especially for first-timers, as they pose extreme health risks your clients should be made aware of.

Recommend your clients to start with shorter sessions and to gradually increase exposure, to avoid sunburn and other skin effects. For clients using sun beds, it is also important to note they protect their skin during the process. Always have SPF, moisturisers tan accelerators stocked in your salon to offer to clients before using sunbeds. Top Tip: Assess your client's skin type before their sunbed appointments to give recommended exposure times that would be most suited to them.

Our recommended sunbed essentials:

Guiding First-time Spray Tanners

Spray tans are a fantastic alternative for clients who want a quick, customisable tan without the UV exposure. For clients who are new to the spray tan game, it is normal for them to feel a bit apprehensive. Rest assured, your team should ensure they make your new clients' experience as seamless as possible. Make sure to familiarise your client with the salon’s policy as well as any preparation instructions when they make their appointment. 

Preparation is key!

As a salon owner or beauty therapist, it is important to ensure your clients are prepared before their appointment, as this is a key essential to achieving a perfect spray tan. Clients' skin must be exfoliated and free from any barriers, such as oils and deodorants that could affect the tan’s evenness. Allow your client to feel relaxed throughout the process by creating a comforting environment or light conversation with simple instructions that will achieve optimal results.


Aftercare advice is also a must when it comes to first-time tanners. Provide your clients with aftercare instructions to ensure they can prolong the life of their spray tan. This may involve producing salon-branded after-care cards that you can give to your clients with simple instructions on what to do and avoid. You may also want to note down a salon number just in case your clients need to contact you with any questions or queries about their appointment. 

As a salon owner or beauty therapist, introducing the world of sunless tanning to your clients requires a combination of expertise, attention to detail and dedication to your client's satisfaction. Here’s to helping your clients achieve that perfect sun-kissed glow every time!

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